A Family Divided by Obama and McCain

My really good friend, TP, shared this article by Elizabeth Gilbert with me. I think it is very good, succinct and insightful. Our families are very different it seems (mine is not so quiet), but the polarity is very similar.  And apparently, we share the same affliction with sleepless nights caused by an obsessive reaction to the moments in our relationships when our most deeply held beliefs collide.  It is especially disturbing when you feel so deeply connected and similar in almost every other significant way. The political is personal, no doubt, and apparently irreconcilable. 

I have developed the tactic of restraint, like Gilbert uses, independent of my genetic and nurtured disposition to debate every point down in its every angle and color until it is a worn out and dog-eared topic.  I have avoided screaming debates with my own brother (in Indiana, not Florida) and kept political discussions with the folks to a general, superficial minimum this year. Plainly though, I'm not fully satisfied by this avoidance tactic or the glib 'let's agree to disagree' final stand-off. I exercise it on the surface but not in my gut, obviously, or I would be sleeping easier.  So far, I have yet to take a walk long enough to truly calm my soul. I am still searching for better conflict resolution on the matter.


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