This is a guide to my tag cloud to help you get around my blog.

  • apps on tap - brief posts on apps for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch that I'm using, testing, reviewing and sometimes recommending.  Occasional reviews of Android apps (via Bruce).
  • art - of, about or related to art objects, artists and art-making.  (By the way, I am an artist.  I am gradually uploading decades of images of my work at my artist website
  • being an artist -  posts (often video clips) of visual artists, musicians and filmmakers with something inspirational or simply observations relating what it means, how it is or can be to be an artist.  oh, and posts on making my own art, too.
  • DickAndMabel  - notes and observations about my parents who are the center of one of my ongoing video projects.
  • flicks  - about movies.  recommendations and comments on movies of all lengths, kinds and genre.  I started sub-tags for these with "retro", "vintage", "laugh", "art" and such to further categorize this large category.  (typically these go up on Fridays.)
  • grocery slut - some people call this being a 'foodie,' but I don't want to confuse the issue.  I will eat almost anything and love to try different things.  My posts on restaurants, cooking or products range from slow food philosophy to low-brow, feed-me-now.  
  • on the road  - Travel posts of any kind - whatever mode of transportation.  It's  my personal log of select restaurants, hotels and other places that I want to remember to revisit in a city or recommend to friends.  Feel free to post or email additional tips. Additional tags give locations like "SF" for San Francisco or "DC" for Washington, D.C. and so on.
  • pancake tuesday - B and I host pancake dinners on Tuesday nights (no longer regularly, but randomly). PT's range from breakfast-for-dinner to other pancake-inspired themes such as Ethiopian Injera, Tortillas, Frybread, Crepes and so on and so on. Usually B makes the 'pancakes' and guests bring toppings and sides.  I try to include links to recipes in my posts. 
  • re/build - problems, solutions or inspiration for my various remodeling,  building and landscaping projects.  the good bones house remodel is in this category with posts specific to my remodeling efforts of a 100-year-old duplex. 
  • snaps - short for snapshots.  posts that lean more on pictures than words.

*I'll fill in some more of these over time.