Blahhhg (aka Disclaimer 101)

So, here I am, doing this blog thing.  I write for the process. There is a cost when you say things aloud. The words take form. And sometimes you can hear yourself.  Spoken thoughts can be like cement blocks on your feet that you finally kick off, or like ripples of oily color on the surface of bubbles, or flat like a piece of stale moldy bread.  I just can't smell the mold as easily when I let the words bounce around between my ears. Hopefully, by writing in this more public sense, I can. Then take the next step, more clearly, to hammer out bumps that I don't like and enhance the ones that I do.

The other potential benefit of this blog is project management.  Once I have said an idea aloud, I feel I have to own it and  commit to it or let it go.  I spin many plates, like most of the people that I know. I have lists as long as my arm of projects and the list grows by the second. By collecting at least some of the ideas, here, to see them together, maybe I'll gain distance to really see them.  Find the objectivity to weed and water appropriately and track the development.  And feel the pressure to report in.  Even if only to myself.

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