MMG set

The shoot we had scheduled for this weekend was canceled, so woo hoo! I'm going to Spring clean with my 'free' time.  And finish editing the episodes that we shot a couple of weekends ago.  

Here is a pic of what it looks like on the MMG set.  It's a surgeon, 'Charlie Rose style,' webcast, talk show. (eOrthopod.tv) Whatever the topics are - cervical myelopathy to lumbar radiculopathy - I diagnose myself with them all.   


trena said...

I cleaned house today too! Windows and everything. Whew.

tonette said...

Wow! Windows and everything. Congrats! I have barely skimmed the surface and mostly it has been in the studio organizing old projects on storage hard drives. I also patched one of the walls so I can get some drawings up. (That means there have been drawings to put on the wall.) I lightly touched the office, which at least I do regularly now. Still on the list is (gulp) the basement... but I am still going!

trena said...

That dang basement. Seems like it's always on your "to-do" list..