Dead Horse Racing?

I was interrupted from my work by a knock on my door. When I opened it, a man said to me, "Yeah, we're from the Dead Horse Preservation Society. We're here to pick up your Hillary sign."

With a handful of delegates making the difference, and as complicated as the delegates are to count and each camp weighing them in their own favor, I am watching the nominating process carefully to its end. The media makes sloppy evaluations, picking their race horse out of the gates and hastily throwing down bets. And the spin goes on and on. Historically, their predictions are off, but they continue guessing and speculating. Leaning. Oy. I research the characters, issues and numbers myself and wow it has been very close. How refreshing is that?

I am pleased that the nominations have been competitive thus far and with inspiring candidates. Obama is a natural politician and Clinton is more academic and wonky. I love it. Both are practicing the art of politics very well and are great leaders. I still see the glass ceiling very much in place but Hillary is giving it one hell of a kick. Time will tell how much of a break she made, I guess. L.C. says to me, "Hillary is one bad-ass chick." Damn skippy!

I cast my vote in an absentee ballot this week.  And I'll keep my sign up to the end, thanks.


Lisa said...

We're seperated at birth, girl - because my sign is STILL in the window, too. Yes, I went on Obama's website and gave money and also ordered a yard sign. However, I just can't bring myself to take down the HRC sign yet.

Tonette said...

I finally took down my Hilary signs. They were in the yard, too. Oh and the magnet I had on my car.

I liked her speech. Hillary rocks!

I haven't given Obama money yet. Or got a sign. I just did the Facebook thing. I guess I'll probably order a sign today, too. Sigh.