Spring Sale!

I'm cleaning out the basement, the garage, the studio loft, the office and the closet (yes, I have only one closet). Goodwill will become a regular summer stop and for a while it will strictly be to drop off!

Included in this current purge of mine are sculptures that I don't intend to exhibit again and don't want to store. I am planning on having an art sale later in the summer with more, especially heavier and bigger items, but to start, now I am selling pieces out of the Ramble Snag installation (more photos on my art site).

This series represents very well most of the important themes in my work: the bouncing, fleeting moment that is endlessly rearranged and in flux.  For me, personally, in the studio, these pieces have been very satisfying to make.  I become absorbed into their minutia, the endless variation in bends and gaps and the gentle tension on my fingertips while maneuvering little bits of wool into felt.  I never lose interest in these pieces.

The photos above show them hanging in my dining room.  They can go anywhere and in whatever arrangement inspires you - in groups on walls and the ceiling, on a shelf or in a drawer, individually placed over a night light - you get to decide. (I'm willing to help, if you want, of course.)  Maybe you have an entry way or stairway that needs spiffing? There are oodles of these - much more than what you see on this wall. I have several boxes, so ideally they will sell in groups.  If you are interested, email me for prices or to arrange a time to see them in person.


trena said...

I want! I want!

Anonymous said...

Hey, hey...great site, my dear!
xoxo bets