Slurpy kidnapped!

Slurpy Alberto was born January 2005 at my house on Central Avenue.  I held him in my hands when he was a few weeks old.

Slurpy has survived the cars, cats, dogs, squirrels and people for almost four years. His parents, siblings and cousins have not.  

Slurpy roams this block freely.  He sleeps here, eats here and plays here.  We all take care of him and adore him.  Children visit my home in hopes of catching a glimpse of Slurpy, to feed him treats and maybe pet him.  He ventures this block with certainty that he is safe because it is his home.

Slurpy was kidnapped the evening of June 1, 2008.  A neighbor saw two women corral him into a shrub and put him in their car and drive away.

Free Slurpy! Bring Slurpy back!

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