Leather Jacket

Circa 1984.  Apparently my sister, D, kept this when I tossed it out.  That was years ago.  She says that she wore it a few times, too.  Then during a recent move, she packed it up and sent it back to me.  I wasn't looking for it but it has been a fun surprise. One surprised is that it still fit. I was so small back then.

Anyway, in order to get the full nostalgic effect, imagine a head of super big, curly, messy 80s hair, lots of thick black eye-liner, painted-on jeans and black slouchy boots with buckles.  Oh, and lose the glasses.  Then put me behind the wheel of a convertible or on the back of a motorcycle.  Or walking in the park. Probably smoking a cigarette.

I wore it to the movies the other night and felt like I was in costume when no one else was.

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trena said...

I remember that jacket! And the convertible, hair, eyeliner etc. Memories...