An App For That

I helped make an iPhone app this winter for The Book of Answers.  It has put me on a real high.

The entire process has been a fun surprise.  The author, Carol Bolt, has been a dream as a collaborator.  I have known her for many years and way back when we first met, we simply connected.  We met through the auspices of MFA graduate school - she was on her way out with graduation and I was on my way in with application.  We had a single phone conversation that sealed the friendship.  It wasn't confessional or cathartic or anything, but it did it.  Our studies didn't overlap and neither did our lives.  I moved several hundred miles away. Many years passed.  Even so, we overlapped somewhere in our parallel lives, in our hearts and heads, as friends.

I'm not sure what causes the doppelganger effect with Carol. I suspect it's our shared appreciation for earthly delights, affinity for materials, and ability to laugh through the bigs and smalls of things. We are also just the right amount of different too, keeping a balance.

And of course, in working on the App Bruce spices up the whole collaboration with heaping scoops of dreamy and pinches of grounding, depending on what the moment needs.  I could go on and on about it, I am so tickled by the whole thing.

No doubt, for a long time, I'll ride this high.

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