Heavenly Hotties

On this Pancake Tuesday we opted for traditional with breakfast sausages, Maple syrup, fruit compote and more. The growler from the Kettlehouse (the Dobblebock, I think) was very popular!

We had two kinds of cakes.  One was a holiday gift gingerbread mix
Betsy generously shared with us that was so nicely spiced that they stood on their own beautifully without any toppings.  Hey Bets, do you remember the brand on those if we wanted to get some more?
The other recipe '1987: Heavenly Hots' we read this month in The New York Times.  "As sturdy as wet tissue paper", Amanda Hesser is right!  Even as you make small ones as the recipe directs, they are super delicate to maneuver but so worth it.  Ahh. Creamy delicioso. Check out the recipe and pay attention to their flipping tips.  You'll need them.

Luckily Emily took lots of pictures and mixed up clever topping blends. Bruce, once again, performed magnificently as The Hotcakes Wrangler.


Holland Lake Lodge said...

love it, going to try the recipe....now i'm hungry

Betsy said...

The mix was from Williams-Sonoma.