Lost or Found

Maclay Flat is a popular walking spot by Blue Mountain. It's quieter this time of year with only a few runners and dog walkers. The trails wind through wetland bird habitat around to the edge of the Bitterroot river.

Mornings have been foggy lately, especially near the river.  People put found gloves at trailheads in case their owner returns.  Late winter and early spring unearths even more.  I have a fifteen year old collection of lost gloves found mostly in streets from all over the US and one from Rome.  I mostly collect the ones that are flattened, tattered and their function is forever irretrievable.  I did relief prints with them for awhile and started an installation with them that was never fully realized.  Now they are all waving from a closed box in my basement. I'm not sure that's a better place then where I found them.

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