Take It Easy Freezy

© Toni Matlock

I feel like every winter I barely survive.  My life is easy. I have every convenience other lucky white girls in a first world country have available.  Even so, each winter I withdraw more than other seasons. I slow down like water turning into a cube. When I do leave the house, I am hyper aware of every sound, light or motion. The Rocky Mountain West is an outdoor fitness hub and I am an alien slug in a community of ski monsters.  A short journey across the Clark-Fork River to the river trail qualifies as excitement in my world.

Icy Clark Fork River © Toni Matlock

Shopping Cart in the River © Toni Matlock

Even though I live super close to national forests and parks, I like walking around town.  This stretch with graffiti and garbage feels more urban than others but it's one of my favorites.  I know it's nothing like Chicago.  Those winters I don't miss, by the way.  I wouldn't trade a Montana winter for a Chicago one.  Or an Indiana one for that matter. Anyway, I wonder who the punks were that dumped the cart under the bridge.  I thought about trying to remove it myself but I'm a coward to venture out on frozen ice puddles let alone a river. I've watched kids jump off the bridge in summers here so I know it is pretty deep.  I realize that I'm not qualified.  It looks like it would be easy, though, doesn't it?  Like you could just walk out there with no problem.  Imagine the strength of water rushing like a glove around your foot when the ice first breaks and the river pull you in.  Will someone pull it out before spring?

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