Pancake Tuesdays

Pancake Tuesdays continue even if my posts are sporadic.  The last two were very successful recipes, creative toppings and fun friends!  I took photos on Potato Pancake night and sometimes used the flash and sometimes didn't.  And my trigger finger was fast and slow, always catching someone in the frame when they weren't ready.  Ai ai ai!

Anyway I had avoided the potato pancake idea even though I have eaten yummy ones at restaurants, I still had it in my head that they would just be hash browns.  Now after making them, the key difference, I think, is draining the grated potatoes.  A simple, easy step with high return to get lighter texture and more flavor. We made recipes for traditional and spicy potato pancakes that I found on Epicurious.  Oh, and since we had a friend who is allergic to gluten, we substituted flour for cornmeal (polenta, actually) and they were fab!  

We had toppings of fresh cilantro, onions and a curried yogurt that I highly recommend.  Basically take a couple cups of yogurt and mix in a teaspoon or so of curry and the juice of half of a lime.  It was so yummy, I made it again the next week when we had Johnnycakes and used a recipe from my friend Nici at Dig This Chick! I'll definitely make more of both!

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