Baked Pancake Island Mystery

Ordered and (half) eaten at The Five Palms, Kihei, Maui, Hawaii.  The "Plantation Apple-Banana Baked Pancake" appears just like it sounds: a cake baked in a skillet (filled with the apple-banana fruit), popped onto a plate and served with poha berry butter (which is like apple butter but made with poha berries) and Tahitian vanilla bean maple syrup. It's a huge breakfast for one person.  Even two.  But irresistable.

Apparently Apple-Banana is a kind of banana called Musa Manzano. Poha Berries (Physalis peruviana) are a Cape Gooseberry native to Brazil, naturalized in Peru and Chile, and cultivated in Hawaii.  All of the photos of Poha Berries that I found were of a yellow fruit but what we had were definitely purple.  Even jars of Poha Berry Jam are yellow/orange.  And I looked up baked pancake recipes but they all look eggy or like a thin fallen souffle.  None like this one.  

If you find clues or answers to either, let me know!

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