Little Instants

Here is a low commitment, immediate satisfaction kind of fun. 


My friend Chris told me about this desktop application called Poladriod that makes your digital photo look like you took it on a polaroid.  

It's super simple and goofy and I like it.  

You drag and drop your digital file onto the apps polaroid icon, and it plays a sound effect of taking a polaroid photo. 

A picture pops out and gradually 'develops' into a new image with a polaroid frame format and darkened edges around your image as if it really had squeezed through polaroid camera rollers.  

You can then save the JPEG files of your Poladroid pics to email friends or make a little faux album.  Like I said, it's a silly little thing, but why not?  

Sometimes, I need a little instant gratification in the studio.  Or just in a day.  

The app developer offers it on a donation basis from his website.  It is very quick and easy to download and start playing with pictures.  I highly recommend it.  Have some fun.  

(Thanks, Chris!)

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Chris said...

Glad you tried that out. Thanks for reminding me I need it on this new laptop!