learning at Linda's

So how was the rest of the day at Linda's?  Fabulous of course!  It was way more than the just the demise of my PD150 and plans to capture moving pictures of Linda in the kitchen. (See my post, 'keep learning.') Luckily my Canon PowerShot G6, which I am nuts about and almost always have on me, made it possible for me take a few still pictures. Whew!

First of all, Linda and her husband Bill have a fantastic ranchette that is fun to just hang around and soak in all the characters, like Elvis who is a bit like me and hates to miss out on anything.


Wine to start the visit.

Linda casually showed us all the steps and we took turns pitching in.  She makes everything look so easy.

Um, Linda also prepared a tart and other delectables for snacking while we prepared the tortilla espanolas.

This is the Tortilla Espanola - a simple, hearty dish made mostly of potato and eggs.  

Linda is a fabulous pastry chef as well as an over-achiever in many other areas.  Fortunately for us, she generously shares her mastery as she did this day.  I think she calls this Avalanche Cake.  Chocolate, caramel and peanuts.  When you cut into it, the caramel floods down the sides, like an avalanche.

First and foremost, Linda is a fantastic painter.  We became friends through our art first, then our mutual love of good food and wine. Linda's art draws heavily on her experiences in her garden producing food for the table. Her perspective is rich and bold which comes out beautifully in her art.  And she has a big bawdy laugh that I love.

When she gets a website together, I'll link to it.  In the mean time, she has a piece you can see on Ask Art.  This summer Organic Gardening Magazine is visiting her garden and studio, so watch for a coming spread on Linda there, too.

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