Exit Through The Gift Shop

"Exit Through The Gift Shop" is a documentary about art and artists and the art world without being like any other documentary about art that I have seen.  

The film's focus is on street artists but the essence speaks universally to artistic success, integrity and creative process in art.  The characters are fascinating and the story has unsuspecting twists. "Exit" does a great job of simultaneously  stirring creative juices while challenging views of ownership and artistic authenticity.  

Bonus: getting a glimpse of Banksy, and it truly is only a glimpse regardless of how some of the trailers look,  sweetens the deal for a fan like me.


Chris said...

We went and saw this movie too -- loved it! I wonder about the whole "controversy" over how much is real vs. how much is fake. Our friends Angela and Mike Davis are pals with Shepard Fairey, and I'm tempted to get them to find out from him what the REAL story is on the whole thing, heh.

Tonette said...

Yes, get the scoop please!

Tonette Time said...

Woops, dropped the ball on this one, sorry.

Here's a link to an interview with Banksy in response to the alleged 'fake' parts.