more like B-movie Veggie Lust


I think this video advertisement for PETA, titled "Veggie Love," is weird and funny and not much worse than most commercials on television that I've seen, but admittedly it is way over the top.  Apparently the networks are keeping it from airing during the Super Bowl (See Good's article.) and since I don't have my own television or watch the Super Bowl, I really don't care.  

In my usual tangential way, I'm more amused with attempts at renaming it.  Garden Porn.  Greengasm.  Herbawhore.  Eve Spreads Seeds.  And as I titled this post, the plane Jane obvious, Veggie Lust.

The stunt has bought some media time just for the Super Bowl rejection alone, so that counts up to some kind of success. No doubt it will get plenty of internet traffic for its absurdity and sex-like appeal, but when I get (slightly more) serious about it, I am interested to know: Does it really make people consider or sign up for PETA's cause anymore thoughtfully or deeply?     

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