stuck in new blogger editor hell

I've been searching forums and help blogs for solutions but as of yet have not found one.

I cannot change the size of images that I upload to blogger anymore.  I can't align them, left, right or center, either.

Among the suggestions that I have found and tried and that have failed, are:
- log out and back in again
- block pop-ups and cookies
- use the old editor
- dragging images
- cutting and pasting images
- cleared the cache
- switched browsers
- tried all the various variations in another browser

What the what?

I've been having blogger problems more and more... Last month I lost images as I uploaded them (especially the surprising Mabel post).  I finally published the posts anyway just to get the damn things done.

Maybe this will be a good excuse to bag my blog, although I was really starting to like it and was poised to write about more travel, apps and studio work.   Rats!

Are you having these problems?  Have any solutions? 

I guess that I'll be doing dishes until a solution turns up.  Save me!

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Tonette said...

BUT I am able to adjust images in my other blogger sites. See the latest over there http://www.tonimatlock.com/.