Trailer Park Boys Movie

This Friday Flick is a goofy one and I have no idea how I stumbled upon it.  Someone must have recommended it to me/us.  Was it one of you?

It's The Trailer Park Boys Movie.  Apparently it is a Canadian television series that ran from 2001-2008. Evidently you can watch the TV episodes through tv.blinkx.com.  I planned to link to their movie website for you but as I am posting this, different pages on trailerparkboys.com have been hacked or are under construction.  Hmmm.  Somehow that seems appropriate for this bunch of under-achieving yahoos (I'm affectionately referring to the characters when I write that).  Yet, I found that trailerparkboys.org appears to be in fine working order.  There is also TrailerParkBoysUSA.com highlighted in their movie trailer, but I couldn't get the page to load in my browser.  Anyway, proceed with caution if or when you look them up. 

The Trailer Park Boys is the low-budge (without the t it's so low budget) creation of Mike Clattenburg, John Paul Tremblay and Robb Wells, a team of pranksters that met in high school. They boast it's "The Trashiest Movie of the Year" and I suspect they won that honor in 2007 and possibly would win it today. Perfect for adolescents and definitely not appropriate for young kids or Mabel, but we enjoyed it!


trena said...

So we took your recommendation and watched Ladyhawke while snowed in at the cabin over winter break and just kept giggling and saying, "what was Toni thinking?!" I think we couldn't get past the ridiculous synthesizer music on the soundtrack. But I do love Matthew Broderick, and it was laughably ridiculous, so it's all good.

Tonette said...

Ha! I am so glad you saw it. The synth soundtrack was my joke when I recommended it. Had you seen it before? When I saw it after so many years, I was struck by it and absolutely don't remember it from the first time I had seen it. I'm glad you watched it, even while giggling. It's a great story! Matthew is adorable in it and don't forget about Rutger and Michelle!

Trailer Park Boys is definitely in the 'kinda stupid' category of recs, too. My other flick recs, like Peter Sellers and Vittorio de Sica films, are better movies all around. I'll come up with tags that separate the goof from the cream...