(tree)love at first sight

We haven't been home for Christmas for the last few years, so we didn't feel a need to get a tree. For full disclosure, some years I've skipped the tree and strung my vintage family ornaments back and forth over my windows or piled them in a big bowl.  I appreciate the simplicity. And I like the change.  Besides, I have long thought, do we really need the tree?

It's not that I'm not sentimental, either.  My ornaments are ones from my childhood, even a complete Peanuts figurine set that I unwrap and rewrap with tremendous care. My favorite ornaments, though, are faded and chipped painted glass globes from also from my childhood and my mother's childhood before then.  I'll doubt that I'll ever let them go.

Ideally, as far as trees do go, I prefer living trees that I can plant in the ground in the spring, but my patches of urban yards can only take so many of those, eh? 

For 2010, we discussed getting a cabin for Christmas, like we had the year before, then last minute opted against the expense. So late in the game, and for no apparent reason, I decided that this was a tree year and I hit the nurseries. I found my absolute favorite tree ever.  

Basically it's a pathetic branch coated with white flocking.  It cost ten bucks! That's cheap enough to squash the urge to DIY. Did you hear my heart stop?  

It can barely hold the load of a short string of white lights. I pushed it further with two ornaments:  a clip-on butterfly and a mercury glass boy in a space ship. Maybe that Charlie Brown Christmas show touched my childhood heart deeper than I realized.  

I am such a sentimental fool about this tree that now that the holiday is over, I don't want to take it down.  

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Chris said...

It's beautiful!