The Hot Rock

Friday Flick:

I'm busy doing some house remodeling so I won't elaborate much on this post.
A few quick reasons to watch The Hot Rock:
  • First, Robert Redford is in it.  If that's not enough for you, the whole comedic cast is in top form including George Segal, Ron Leibman, Paul Sand, Moses Gunn, and Zero Mostel.
  • Paul Sand perfectly delivers some great lines like "I'll skip over that part if you don't mind," and "I'm gonna tell Mom what you did."
  • A young Christopher Guests plays a cop.  "Sire, bombs!  Outside, bombs!"
  • Quincy Jones did the soundtrack. 
  • It's a light, upbeat 70s heist movie with smarts that made me feel warm and fuzzy inside ... or something nostalgic like that.

Watch the trailer:

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Keila Szpaller said...

This is exactly my kind of movie, Toni. I'm adding it to my Netflix queue TODAY and I heart Flick Fridays! For your queue if you haven't seen it in a while: To Catch at Thief, with Peter Sellers.