is midnight in paris a stanky perfume?

One of Tonette Time's friends emailed me about my post on the movie Midnight in Paris then postscripted that she remembered a perfume also called Midnight in Paris.  "It REALLY stank."  

Amused by her message and since we developed an iPhone and iPad app (Stinky Maps) for posting smells around the world, I went  off on some quick research and indeed there are not just one, but TWO Midnight in Paris perfumes.  Technically the first is "Evening" not "Midnight" but it's close enough for our amusement, eh?

Soir de Paris (Evening in Paris) Bourjois for women existed between 1928 and 1969 and was common on the shelves of Woolworth's, then in 1992 a variation of it was relaunched by different creators.  Apparently the reviewers at Fragrantica think "the top notes are fruity fresh."  Many people post on their website with memories of mothers who wore it as well as sweet little 90-somethings who still do.  One commenter claimed the scent is available and I found several online sources for it at about 35 dollars, so if you also have nostalgia for it, you can knock yourself out!  Hehe!

For the most recent Midnight in Paris by Van Cleef & Arpels released in 2010, you'll need to fork over 75 to 115 dollars. Perfume blog, now smell this, has some amusing things to say about what Paris really smells like at midnight, too.  

Watch this video about the more spendy Midnight in Paris perfume by fragrance reviewer Katie Puckrik Smells

I wonder if Woody Allen also knew about the perfume?

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Anonymous said...

When I was a kid, I used to buy this for my mother at the local sundry store. I thought it smelled great and the dark blue box and bottle were really cool, too.