my bones need a break

good bones project update:
I'm typing now from bed.  I went to the good bones (remodel) project this morning after running a bunch of errands.  I swept and vacuumed up from the electricians, washed drop cloths, made notes of unfinished tasks and bought the weekend painter lunch, then just hit a wall and came home.   
I lied down to take a quick nap.  Two hours later I woke up. I figure it's a sign that my very long days of working on the good bones has caught up with MY bones and muscles and this afternoon needs to be break time.  I'm whipped. With Bruce's help I also discovered we are missing a wedding today.  I lost the invitation somewhere in a pile of mail and bills.  We still haven't found it.  We thought it was at 5PM but called mutual friends and found out it's at 3:30. Rats.  And we like them!  I hope they'll forgive us.  
It's just that kind of summer this year.  Cahrazy
Still in the prone position, I am opening a pile of mail, thumbing through production notes (um, yeah, we shoot a commercial during the next two weeks) and organizing bills and receipts.  I can do things as long as I keep my feet up. 
Meanwhile, Bruce is having a pre-production meeting with our intern, Cassi, going over the shot list and special effects for the commercial. Cassi is spearheading the commercial and I'll be sure to post updates and photos on it soon.  Briefly though, she is outstanding.  We lucked out with her.
Tomorrow, we have a new 'summer intern,' a teenager, arriving from New Jersey: Clementine.  She'll help with the shoot and hopefully enjoy a taste of Montana summer.  We are looking forward to it but also feeling a little nervous.  We hope we are entertaining enough and she likes us!     

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