elizabeth murray

Being an artist:

Elizabeth Murray spoke at my graduation from the School of Art Institute in Chicago in the early 90s. While I appreciated her work then, I was not particularly a big fan or anything. However, when she spoke at our graduation ceremony, I felt more like I met her personally and found a deeper appreciation for her work.  I find this happens a lot in the arts.  Meeting the artist can - it doesn't always, but it can - give a new connection to the work.  Her positive and grounded attitude stayed with me.

Here is a trailer for the Elizabeth Murray movie by Art:21, a series of movies about artists produced by PBS.


Chris said...

I think the artists I've met -- primarily talking about musicians and writers here -- that were cool are definitely the ones that have become my favorites. That connection definitely adds meaning to how I experience their work. It's something I really enjoy.

The flip side, of course, is that artists I've met who were rude or arrogant or standoffish are ones I generally lost interest in. I've only encountered a couple of those, thankfully.

Tonette said...

Same here. It's tricky, though. I'm way more tolerant of arrogance or monster ego behavior from artists that I already respect or admire for their work.