take a load off Mac-ee

Last winter my Mac G5 desktop died. Luckily I didn't need to panic.  Months before  I had bought a laptop so I could work with more flexibility as we travel more and more, so it wasn't a crisis.  But I was left with a big heavy pile of metal. 

I researched what to do and found Apple does have a reuse and recycling program.  On a web page you enter the type of computer to be recycled into a form which calculates what the machine may be worth for a store credit.  Sounded fine by me.  Mine was worth nothing.  At best it might have brought $50 if it weren't dead.  Sheesh.  Even worth nothing, the recycling program was willing to take this model and they pay for the shipping as long as I packed it up.  I couldn't find the stupid box.  Our basement is like a museum of boxes, but apparently I didn't hang on to this one, or even one box big and stable enough for this towering heap.  

Determined to get this big ass metal box out of my office right then but not just stick it on the curb for the trash, I called the guys at Recompute Missoula, to beg them to take it.  They said, "Yes!" 

I bagged the installation discs and the power cord and hauled it out and over there immediately.  After leaving their store, I felt so relieved with just the possibility of parts being salvaged and reused. 

No shit, while I drove away "Take a Load Off Maggie" was playing on the radio!  So, I tried harmonizing with my own variation, "Take a Load Off Mac-ee."  Ha!  

Yeah, okay, this might by my dorkiest confession on this blog yet. 


trena said...

I love it. Thanks for sharing the dorkiness.

Anonymous said...

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