oui, Paris

arrived, Charles de Gaulle airport, Paris, FR (taken with iPhone)
After the "100-year-old/good bones house remodel project" (even though there's still a bit left to do), my beau swept me off to Paris, France for a week.  

It was, how can I say? Tres magnifique!  

We returned last Friday. I'm still adjusting to the time (went to sleep before 9 last night and woke at 4am today) and adapting to the snowy weather, but mostly I'm gliding on the memory of the taste of fresh buttery pastries. 

Bruce, Rue Monge, Paris (taken with iPhone, adjusted with Tilt Shift Gen App)
I'll post photos and app reviews from the trip soon. Well after I rummage through about 800 photos. Plus I'll post about our previous trips to Boston, MA, Maine and Portland, OR.  And of course, more updates on the remodeling project in it's more finished state and the reflections that came with the project.

First evening's walk along the Seine river, Notre Dame across the river on the left


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trena said...

Ah, love the photos. So glad you had a good time, can't wait to hear all about it. And most of all, glad the remodel is finis!