a graphic Che falls flat

Che: A Graphic BiographyChe: A Graphic Biography by Spain Rodriguez

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Well this turned out to be disappointing. I'll have to disagree with Art Spiegelman's quote on the cover endorsing it as "Spain's take on Che is brilliant and radical." Unless I find why he thinks so, cause I don't see it. I support a graphic biography of Che Guevara, but this book lacked flow.

The cover blurbs boast "this dramatic and extensively researched book breathes new life into his story and struggle." Supposedly due to the powerful artwork, which one image at a time looks fine, but the sequences are abrupt and frequently confusing and the story structure is flat as well. Tacked onto the end of the book is a 4 1/2 page text (with no graphics at all) dissertation on the power of Che as an iconic image and how images of him have been used/exploited, etc., but even that text doesn't illustrate how or what is compelling about Spain's Graphic Biography of Che.

Sorry, I wanted to like it, but it fell flat.

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