i love ME says Yayoi Kusama

Being an artist:

Refreshingly secure with herself and with a strong unique vision, it only makes sense that apparently there are two feature documentary films about Yayoi Kusama.  "Princess of Dots" by Heather Lenz is slated to finish this year.

!! If you only have time to watch one of these, I recommend the first one for its tone and insight if you are unfamiliar with her work.

This is the trailer for the 2008 Japanese (with English subtitles) movie "I love ME" about Yayoi Kusama by Director Takako Matsumoto.  You can rent this film to watch online for 48 hours through New People Artist Series. Or buy it of course. For more information on this film, visit www.NewPeopleArtistSeries.com or www.viz-pictures.com

For another post with my story of seeing a retrospective of Kusama in Paris, see "conquering the Pompidou."

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