remembering still feathers

Near the end of working on one side of the Good Bones remodeling project, a cedar waxwing crashed into a kitchen window.

It hit the window so hard that some of its feathers stuck to the glass of the window.

feathers left © 2011 Toni Matlock

feathers still © 2011 Toni Matlock

I turned to a fellow artist, Stephanie Frostad, for solace and she made a painting in honor of the sweet bird.

Hapless Waxwing © 2011 Stephanie J. Frostad
Stephanie currently has an exhibition of her art titled 'Natural Circumstances' on view in Seattle, Washington at Davidson Galleries until September 1st.  Be sure to visit the show in person if you can.

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Stephanie J. Frostad said...

I just saw this, Toni!
Thanks for including an image of my painting in your blog. It is interesting for me to see how the short, tragic story comes together here.