Haint Blue

So, my favorite part of painting my house this summer is the porch ceiling. It's sky blue. It really brightens up my porch space! 

I had heard this is popular in Southern American culture. In fact, I've seen it. And then my friend, Heather did it and inspired me to do it, too. There is an episode on NPR's All Things Considered in 2006 that covers it further, but basically the blue is believed to ward off evil spirits, extend the light at dusk and helps to keep bugs away.  I may want to believe, but I can report that life is good around here, the light from my porch is gorgeous especially at dusk and I don't see many bugs hanging out there as much as I did. I didn't find any science to prove it, but at the very least, it looks really cool (literally and aesthetically) and I figure I've got nothing to lose.

Everyone should do it!


trena said...

I am loving your frenzy of posts! I can't wait to come and visit you someday soon!

I need to paint my ceiling blue, too. I am a house painting virgin, though, so I am nervous.

Tonette said...

Oh good! My faithful reader! You rock.

I've got more to post, too, but don't think I'll get em up before I have to pack and we'll be OT for a couple of days. (Doc interviews in CA)

OMG you must take the leap on the paint. It is so worth it. I could paint every house I see with the scheme I have here (Kennebunkport Green, Saddle Brown & Roasted Red Pepper). In fact, I did paint the new house that I built with these colors. I think it pops without being garish. L-O-V-E it.

Tonette said...

oh and the new house is almost a mile away from this one, so it isn't totally weird of me.