Patio Bridal Shower

A couple of weeks ago, my side patio made a delightful and cool outside space to have a lingerie party for my dear friend, Angie. We popped her presies into a vintage shopping cart that is leftover from an art installation that usually holds drinks or flowers in the summer. Bruce made TWO key lime pies and an apple streudel. We had Prosecco sangria, light fare and many laughs.  

Later in the night, the party rolled into a BBQ that included the groom-to-be and more guests, including guys.  By pre-delegating the potluck, everyone contributed to a slightly german theme in honor of Dean.  Brats, sauerkraut, potato salad and so on.  The night worked out smoothly and best of all, the couple of honor were pleased!

(More pics to come, I hope, after I get them from guests.)

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