piano and pears

This is just how the package looked when I opened it, under some bubble wrap tossed on top.  Dick & Mabel send many packages like this.  Often with less packaging.  And the precious cargo - often perishables - always makes it.

Anyway, the pears and apples are off of a tree they call mine. They are gorgeous, perfect and delicious.  But why the VHS tapes, you ask?  Those are for B from Mom.  She gave away her piano a few years ago, and in giving it up she gave up her own dream to play the piano. So when B said that he believes he has a brilliant pianist inside of him, just waiting to be revealed, it was all over for her.  All of her children gave up the musical instruments that she pushed at them. (Mine was the piano as well as the flute, incidentally.)  But now she might have found at least a willing compadre to place some of her aspirations. She wants to know if she should also send him her sheet music - only a few select pieces, of course. I suggested maybe she hold off until he has a piano...

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trena said...

I love that your feet are in the photo.