We took a road trip along the Montana Hi-line.  So now I have been to Malta.  Eastern Montana is very different from Western Montana.  It feels turbulent and more severe, with a reputation for strong winds and harsh, cold winters.  Our last two days we drove in a lot of rain but it is still gorgeous and austere.  I liked it.  I also liked driving away without a laptop and just moving through space.  Reminding ourselves we are free, I guess.  And that feels absolutely true when on the road in that landscape. No internet & no-think-y. Sitting a spell to watch prairie dogs pop up and down from their holes.

A question that comes up on these MT road trips: Why are there so many Mint Bars?  They almost all have a Stockman's Bar, too, but that I get since these are mostly small ranch towns.  But Mint? So then there is the probability of minting coins here with a long history of the mining of gold and silver in MT.  So, that is the theory I have at the moment.  

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trena said...

But your hotel had free wireless! Such a shame to let that go to waste. Looks like a great weekend getaway.