I've been scurrying around finishing all of the logistics and hoop-jumping for teaching at the University this fall. I've been trained on the Smart room & Blackboard. I've gotten my Griz card and keys to my office and Resource Room. I've signed up for and gotten my half-dozen passwords to get in and out of this mini academic universe.  I've signed a gazillion forms, confirmed my own references and updated my professional stuff.  I've ordered the textbooks.  I've met with the two Art History Professors that have taught this course in the past, for their advice and encouragement. I've tried to devour the required text as thoroughly and quickly as possible. I've measured all the ways I can think of in advance to make the course engaging, dynamic and successful for the students and me. I've shaped my plan for the course and left room for flexibility that I imagine I will want/need. I calculated, debated and finally polished off my grading system. (Thanks B for your help there.) Finally, I am about to post my Syllabus.

This week I have department meetings and my first class meets on Wednesday. For three hours. We meet once each week for three hours. And it will be intense - it's Contemporary Art Criticism for crying out loud!  A 300 level course. This will demand some chops on my part. I realized that I have never taught a three hour class that wasn't studio driven. Eek!  Why did I agree to this? 

Since I had been swinging between excitement and total melt down, last night I met with the Chair (who got me into this whole mess in the first place).  He answered my questions and gave suggestions, then quickly got down to business suggesting other courses that are keen to my own interests and research for me to develop. Now. And to teach it this winter or next Spring.In addition to this one. Gulp. 

I think the world of this guy, so there is no greater compliment or person for it to come from on this matter. Wow.  Talk about an academic sweeping you off your feet.  I have no idea how to answer - if I want to get so consumed with teaching.  But I appreciate the seduction and am relishing the flattery.

My reply to him, "Can I just get through Wednesday?"

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trena said...

Good luck, Toni! You'll be great. And welcome to my world of the three hour classes. I'll be happy to talk teaching strategies (and academic politics) anytime.