Adam's Discovery Flight

My nephew, A, turns twenty-six today.  Last weekend we gave him his gift of a 'Discovery Flight' at the Hamilton airport which is essentially a test flight with an instructor where you are in the pilot's seat.  Um, yeah, he definitely liked it.  (Thanks for the idea, B!)


trena said...

Geez, I guess you totally win for Aunt of the Year honors. Sheesh.

Tonette said...

Heh. Thanks! Wait, though, it's not a competition! Besides, the other nephews and nieces might not agree. Adam came to town so he got my full attention. Anyway, aren't you in full-on full-time Auntie mode? I haven't done that for one of my sibs since I was like 14. (You know, just yesterday.)

trena said...

Ha, David frequently asks, "Why does it have to be a competition??"