Asian Inspired Crepes

We had an Asian inspired Pancake Tuesday.  The idea started when Julie gave us some smoked huckleberry salsa.  (Julie is super generous and frequently drops off Thank You gifts.  Not because we are frequently spectacular to deserve it, but because she is kind and appreciative.  Maybe it's also because of her Southern upbringing.  Anyway, it's suuuuper great.) So, in her note, she suggested using the salsa with pork crepes. Well, salsa lasts about 30 seconds in this house, but her pork crepe idea lingered.  When we returned from vacation, I wasn't organized on a theme plan for the next Pancake Tuesday. I sent the Pancake Crew email entitled 'Asian-Inspired'. I didn't list any dish requests and my only marching orders were 'Get creative.' 

We did. We had lots and lots of relishes.  Spicy peanuts, wasabi peas, spicy edamame dip (from the GFS deli), thai pepper sauces, rock salt plums, plum sauce, sliced chili, jicama, daikon and radishes.  Bruce and I made pork.  Basically: saute some pork, let it cool, slice it, mix it with two-three parts Hoisin sauce and one-part honey.  And go to town on it.  

By now, Bruce is a master crepe-maker.  These crepes were perfectly light yet strong.  I'll get him to post a link to the recipe for them on here. In fact, maybe we can get Dean and Emily to contribute theirs as well.

Dean's banana topping was a big hit and offered a healthy sweet to the menu.  Like myself, I doubt Emily weds herself to any recipe but even so she really goes to town mixing ingredients.  Her inventions are very creative, complex and always tasty. This time it was a chicken combination.  She also mixed some vegetables  into a salad-like relish that came in very handy to cool the mouth or clear the palate for the next flavor combination. (Em, what was in there?) I know that I'm forgetting all of the dishes, but the point is that we had lots of variety to combine flavors, test our individual limits with chili spices, and everything was delicious. And you can't go wrong with mix at the table meals. It's fun and everyone makes what they want.

Long-grain brown rice accompanied everything, of course. We washed it all down with either sake or tequila & lime cocktails.  Okay, so tequila isn't asian but hey, we were in the mood for tequila and my email said to get creative, eh?  Unfortunately, Julie missed the Asian-inspired crepe night which could also be titled Julie-inspired, so we'll have to do these again!  Gladly.

Oh, and as a P.S.
After dinner, Emily pitched in again, combining the leftovers into an excellent filling for lunch wraps that we enjoyed the next day.  Yeah, this Pancake Tuesday totally rocked all the way around.


trena said...

Totally off topic - but I love your new masthead/banner!!

Tonette said...

hey, thanks! I am trying. Finally. And it's fun.