Full English

Heather's suggestion to do a 'Full English' themed Pancake Tuesday was a blinding hit.

According to my research, a Full English Breakfast traditionally includes bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, fried eggs and fried bread. It can also have black pudding and blood sausage, but we skipped those (horses for courses) and just made the rest. Our clever mates also added some other English-inspired creations to the menu: bubble and squeak, lemon curd, clotted cream and berries. Plus, that cheeky Heather's send-up of English accents took the piss out of everyone. 

We did make fried bread using locally made Le Petit Outre Birdman bread and lemon pound cake from GFS, but where were the pancakes? 

Well, Bruce and I had been wanting to make crumpets since I had been inspired by a new Twitter friend boasting their buttery goodness. After being knackered with other recipes, we tried one (recommended by said friend) and successfully substituted totally brill crumpets for pancakes. They might not look like much in the photo (I can't tell, since I fell arse over elbow for them), but I am certain that all of us would recommend these fresh home-made crumpets. Quite.  

The Master Griddler 

Warm-the-soul perfect crumpets.

Scrummy bacon arrives.

If you have recipe suggestions for our Pancake Tuesdays, just give us a bell!


Sophie Henzell said...

Fabulous, just fabulous. Those are truly crumpets to be proud of. I hope you smothered them in butter whilst fresh from the toaster.

One minor point - you forgot sausages! A full English without sausages is a hanging offence.

With best wishes from the aforementioned Twitter friend.

Tonette said...

Aces, Sophie! I'll tell the Pancakers that we must redo. I doubt I'll hear any complaints!