spinning plates

After months of work, we are beta testing our new iPhone app, Stinky Maps.  It has been so much fun for me imagining, planning, outlining, constructing, discovering and reshaping apps.  I love learning new materials and methods. I like what it does to my head - from the tingly sense of discovery to the burning pressure of unknowns.  Making iPhone apps has been a fantastic challenge and humble journey.  

Stinky Maps has been especially liberating because it is all our own and not for a client.  (Though so far we have been fortunate at salty snack studios to work with delightful and creative clients.)  It's been a playful collaboration between Bruce and I, swapping ideas and putting them in motion.

So, here it goes. Finally we are in the home stretch launching Stinky Maps.  Setting it loose on the world won't mean it is done.  We'll continue to add features, rearrange the app and recreate it.  In this way, it's like most of my studio work.  It never truly ends. Most of my sculptures, installations and videos have an ongoing status.  The trick, of course, is keeping up when you get so many plates spinning. If it turns out that I'm spinning too many then something inevitably drops and I keep going. That's always been my studio management process.  I wonder when I look back later what will still be in my hands and what I drop.

Some people wanted to know what some of the sounds would be on the Stinky Maps app, so I made a little sample video of the audio and a few graphics.

Stinky Maps sounds from salty snack studios on Vimeo.

See the Stinky Maps website for more images and updates.     stinkymaps.blogspot.com/

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