living patio, part 5

thyme in our living patio
I want to give a plug (ha, get it?) for my source for plug trays, Mountain Valley Growers.  I have been xeriscape and organic gardening for years now. I buy almost all of our plants and trees from local nurseries and prefer plants that have been raised in my region rather than shipped.  I also favor native plants except in the case of this patio.

When I have order something in bulk that I cannot count on locally, Mountain Valley has become my go to place.  They are certified organic growers out of Squaw Valley, California and have a decent website for study or shopping. They were super conscientious about sending thyme plants (especially to Montana) properly and at a time when they wouldn't just melt away in a mail truck from the heat or freeze (since I got them in April).  

I was very impressed by the health of the plugs and am pleased with how they are maturing.  Yay!

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