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We don't have television or cable, so I'm late to discover the Old Spice advert campaign, but I've long been an admirer of the firm, Wieden and Kennedy, who produced it.  Totally brill.  And not computer generated.  Just straight up creativity.

To hear how they made the movies, visit this link to Tech Burrito's thorough coverage, including two videos. The first video show's G4's Attack of the Show interviewing the scrumptious talented actor, Isaiah Mustafaand the second video by TWiT Netcast walks through bit-by-bit the "I'm on a Horse" piece with the creatives, Craig Allen and Eric Kallman. 

It's so refreshing and inspiring to see work produced with so much commitment to creativity.  

Well done W&K!

And go Isaiah!

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benny b said...

I love this campaign as well. Have you by chance seen any of the independent videos that Mustafa makes and posts on youtube?.... of himself responding to various tweets standing in his shower as the "old-spice" guy.
Interesting-and perhaps dismaying--apparently the successful ads have had zero effect on old spice sales, and in fact the sales of the deodorant product have gone down since the campaign was launched. Some people think it has to do with the fact that "old spice" can't get around the "old" in it's name. Same thing happened with Radio Shack. People won't buy anything from a place that still has "radio" in its name. Anyways, the creativity is brilliant, as you say, and the campaign has achieved great success as its own thing, despite not achieving more commercial success for the product.