Dirty Money

Dirty Money is a 1972 French noir starring Richard Crenna and Catherine Deneuve.  

The film is a simple heist story told mostly still and quiet - showing more than ever telling really.  I love the opening and closings (possibly an inspiration for some Michael Clayton scenes?) of the film best.  There is also a crazy old-school low-budget action sequence using model trains and helicopters.  It freaked me out at first, cause it is so obvious and distracting since I am conditioned by today's hyper-real action sequences, but they do a great job editing it, so ultimately the content drives the scene and therefore the story. Beyond that mark of age, the filmmakers (director, Jean-Pierre Melville, the actors, and all) make a lot of good decisions worth watching.

Watch Dirty Money if you can take sub-titles (or understand French) and appreciate great photography. I'm fantasizing over attempting an indie remake of the movie just to see how it might work in my own language (English) and low-budget status.

p.s. Be warned about my upcoming blog posts.  It's winter and I watch a ton more movies when in hibernation, so it might be movie after movie for a spell.

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