Roasted garlic tomato soup and spinach salad ©T.Matlock
Scotty's Table is one of my favorite downtown lunch and dinner spots in Missoula.  The owner and chef, Scott Gille, established himself as a restaurateur in this town at a location just across the bridge.  Now in the basement level of the historic Wilma building built in the 1920s, the atmosphere feels fancier with high ceilings and plaster sculpted busts of women at the top of columns. It took me awhile to adjust and trust that it would continue to be a hearty and creative menu and I didn't need to be dolled to the max (though I love to dress up) to enjoy it. Now I regularly meet a friend there for lunch or pop in for a weekday happy hour. Scotty's is also one of three places in town that I can count on variety and excellent quality soups.  The chef is also dedicated to quality ingredients, often locally grown.  

Quesadilla © T.Matlock 

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