After The Fox

Watch Peter Sellers in Vittorio de Sica's comedy, After the Fox (1966).  

It's Neil Simon's first screenplay which satirically combines a caper plot with a humorous movie-inside-a-movie commentary on the pursuit of money and fame, with great pokes at neo-realism (which means de Sica, the director himself), Fellini, Antonioni, Godard, and others.  If you are a filmie, you'll catch them and they are delightful touches to an already fun movie.  

Sellers is outstanding, plus Victor Mature came out of retirement to play his supporting role which parodies an actor's vanity. Bravo! Seller's wife does alright as his sister, too. Oh, and Burt Bacharach scored the film. 

On a side note, thinking simply about how things 'get done' in the world, the production is an interesting and successful American/Italian collaboration in that the people working on it depended on translators while making it.  Reportedly Simon and de Sica and other players had their different views about how the film would be better, but in the end, it works.

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