cabin for x-mas

Last Christmas (in 2009) we rented a cabin a few hours drive from home near Gardiner, Montana, in a different patch of mountains from our own.  

It was a luxurious break from our normal lives and I highly recommend it.  Even though it was very cold, the place was fancy as far as "cabins" go, with gas fireplaces, a modern kitchen and a full bathroom.  But no internet.  

The cabin owners left us holiday treats and humorous festive touches.

Even though it was remote there (and did I mention really cold?) not having any internet was what primarily qualified it as rustic for us. It really did the trick letting us relax and surrender fully to a cabin vacation as we pictured it.  

We gobbled the treats and had lots of pie.

We tracked animals (very big and wild ones).

We played in the kitchen, played cards, played in the snow and slept a lot.  



Chris said...

There's nothing better than the unplugged getaway. We spent NYE in the Yaak; no cell coverage, no internet, etc. It was just a quick trip, but well worth it.

Tonette said...

Nice! Yeah, it's amazing how fast you feel the results of such an escape.