oatmeal, semolina & frybread

Pancakes: keep 'em comin'

We've been traveling so much since last June, I haven't kept up with updates very well, but I'm not giving up.  Because of the crazy schedule, the regularity of Pancake Tuesdays came to a halt.  In early winter (or was it fall?) we had a 'reunion'. We went for the old standby of 'breakfast for dinner' and it was super faboo!    Here are some pictures, plus links to recipes from some previous Pancake nights.  

Breakfast for dinner. I highly recommend the Oatmeal Pancakes from Epicurious.  These were my favorite version of a traditional pancake so far.

Morrocan night we made Semolina Pancakes. The recipe makes 12 pancakes but we quadrupled it and had tons. Food & Wine magazine, May 2010.

American Indian. When we stopped at Mt. Rushmore this summer, we picked up some Frybread mix from Woodenknife.  It's the first mix we've used for a Pancake Tuesday.  Guess what? It was great!  I would use it again.

We have enough regulars that now we have to add another table.  I look forward to the day we spill over into the living room!  As always, the gang is fantastically creative with the sides and toppings for whatever the flavor of the night we've chosen.

Hopefully we'll squeeze in another Pancake Tuesday before the next trip!


trena said...

As always, I wish we lived in the same town. Or time zone.

Chris said...

Mmm, fry bread.

Keila said...

Crumpets. CRUMPETS!!!!

Tonette said...

@Trena, maybe you can start your own Pancake Tuesdays in TN? Start with the family first then expand out. @Chris & Keila, Are you around in a couple weeks? We miss you!

Judith van Praag said...

Tonette, I grew up with pancakes for lunch or dinner! The break-away solution for my parents. My father made really large 12"pancakes, the way they're served in Dutch pancake houses, where you only want one. My mom made a pile of French crêpes. In Holland it's customary to eat <a href="http://www.google.com/search?q=pannekoek&hl=en&client=firefox-a&hs=2B0&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&prmd=ivnse&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=sf2QTf_XJ4aqsAOQlO3bDg&ved=0CFkQsAQ&biw=1306&bih=832>sweet and savory pancakes</a> as a hot meal.

Tonette said...

Thanks for the link Judith. What a fabulous feast of pannekoek images!