the REAL pancake tuesday

is today! 

If you've been following our Pancake Tuesdays, you might already have heard, but here is a link to a Wiki page that gives some history on the annual Pancake Tuesday (also called Shrove Tuesday).  Our tradition is a non-religious weekly event often - and at its most fun - with guests.  (Due to a travel-packed year, our regular schedule has sadly fallen, which we hope to resume this Spring, but even if it's just the two of us, if it's Tuesday, we instantly think pancakes and they go on the menu!)  Click the highlighted text 'Pancake Tuesdays' in the first sentence to see other posts of our Pancake Tuesdays which is essentially a fun, no-pressure cooking club.

We were inspired by Karl Pilkington (of the Ricky Gervais show) to start our Pancake Tuesday tradition. Read "why pancakes on Tuesdays" for a brief explanation on how that happened.  If you also connect with Karl Pilkington's 'wisdom' or just want some more of it, I recommend that you visit Pilkipedia.  Below is a video clip of Karl arguing with Ricky Gervais and Steve Merchant about cleaning drains.

Get the griddle hot and have a Happy Pancake Tuesday!


Julia LaTray said...

Oh Toni! I read the Wiki link and discovered that in NewFoundland, objects are cooked into the pancakes, and they are considered divinitory. I am dying to bake some trinkets(I mean have Bruce bake some trinkets) into the cakes and see who ends up with what....what's my fortune for 2011, hmmm?

Tonette said...

Love it! (Bruce does too.) Now I'll be collecting trinkets with even greater abandon and new purpose.

We also gotta do Polish Paczki's!

Laurie said...

Oh now you've done it. I just went down a rabbit hole of Carl Pinkerton videos laughing myself silly.