penguins on the move

penguin with bag, artist unknown
I stumbled into these little guys on the pedestrian bridge that crosses the railroad tracks from the Missoula Northside to downtown.  The titles are my own and I don't know the artist. Yet.  (If you do, send 'em my way, eh?)  

The penguins were sweet little discoveries for me on a very cool breezy winter day.   I went back to photo them. The one pictured above is on the ramp on the downtown side and the one shown below is in the middle, facing out to the West, looking at the tracks, perhaps longing for the motion of travel.  Or maybe I'm projecting? 

penguin with words, artist unknown

Location: On the Northside the bridge entrance is at Grand Ave and N 1st St West and on the downtown side the entrance is at Owen Street and Toole Street.


Anika said...

I love these! That second image especially...great angle!

Tonette said...

Yes, I think the artist placed them really well - considering the context, how and when you would see them while walking, and almost giving them 'spaces' of their own.