a letter from Sol redux


Remember my post "a letter from Sol"?  Well, apparently Sol's letter is trending a bit.  That video was made in 2004 (according to its credits) and uploaded in 2007 by Joao Leonardo.  Here (below) is another video made by someone else inspired by the famed letter to Eva Hesse.  I found it via my friend and photographer, Doug Ness, who posted it on facebook and apparently picked it up from Jane Fulton Alt.  

Sheesh, the art world can be so... incestuously small and repetitive sometimes, eh?  Even so, I still maintain that every artist could use hearing this advice and repeatedly.  

Plus, I appreciate the different tone of this video.  Joao's is more minimalist and post-modern, in keeping with Sol Lewitt and Eva Hesse's sensibilities. This newer one (2011) by animator Levni Yilmaz is a refreshing departure; it is arranged differently, less intense in its energy, and incorporates hand-drawn imagery.  And the message feels more youthful and human because of it. 

To read the letter which begins "Dear Eva, It will be almost a month since you wrote to me and you have possibly forgotten your state of mind (I doubt it though)" in its supposed original content and order, go to this blog.

If you find more interpretations of Sol's letter out there, let me know. Perhaps I'll make my own video version of the letter.  Who knows?

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