springing along

Spring Snaps:

A very lush, more lush than we usually get, Spring build-up has been happening here and from the looks of it, isn't going to let up soon.

Cherry blossom
The young cherry trees will hopefully produce a bowlfull of cherries this year.  Bruce counts enough for a tart.

Carrot slaw
Carrots in any variation are brightening up our dinner plates.

Rocketing chive blossoms.

Basil strawberry spritzer

Apple tree about to blossom
I inherited these apple trees at an old house I bought and fixed up.  I rent the house out and in the last few years have hired professionals to gradually reshape the tree to better health and to produce more fruit.  It's working.

Apple tree exploding with blossoms and its new bird house ready for guests
Next I need to get in the habit of annually protecting the fruit from insects.  We are figuring on an insecticidal soap, but I'm open to any non-toxic and creative suggestions if you have them.  Also, for suggestions on bird houses, what kind to get and where to place them, I recommend this link to Cornell's lab of Ornithology and also check out a local blogger, Montana Wildlife Gardener, for informative and often amusing writings about gardening applicable wherever you are.

sneakers in a tree

Our evening walks through the neighborhood into town are dotted with youthful amusing expressions like these.  

*** Oops, some of my photos didn't make it in the first upload yesterday, so I'm adding them now (on Monday).  Here they are!
With so much rain, the lawn and its weedy companions are hard to keep managed.  I snapped this just before B mowed it all down.

Chive rockets exploding.

Our thyme patio is thriving.
Remember the grid patio we put in?  (If you want to see more on how to create your own patio with thyme, click the tag at the bottom of the blog post titled "living patio.") It's soft, spreading, colorful and amazing. I highly recommend it.

Lilacs from our front porch.
Missoula is dripping with Lilac flowers right now.  It's intoxicating.

What Spring happenings are in your backyard?

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Kkinsch said...

I bought a place in Missoula this fall and I'm want to build a living patio space this spring. A few questions

1) Any general tips now that yours is established
2) From the photos it looks like they just did a base of paver gravel which no sand on top. is that right?
3) what type of soil did you use for the gaps?
4) where any of the thyme varieties better suited/quicker to spread?

Thanks for your help